Casa Banana Tulum


BAKED CAMEMBERT with figs in syrup and toasted focaccia.

WOOD-FIRE BAKED ASPARAGUS with goat cheese, garlic chips & balsamic.

FRESH FISH CARPACCIO with capers & kalamata olives tapenade.

WOOD FIRED ARTICHOKES smoked labneh, fried capers & focaccia breadcrumbs

GRILLED ARGENTINIAN CHORIZO with toasted focaccia & pickled eggplants.

ROASTED SWEETBREADS in lemon with crispy potato slices.

VEGAN EGGPLANT CARPACCIO, capers & kalamata olives with focaccia croutons.

Argentinian hand-cut skirt steak EMPANADA.

Sweet corn, leek & bechamel EMPANADA.

SAUTEED MUSSELS with garlic, parsley and white wine.

LES HALLES ONION caramelized with white wine and jerez, au gratin with gruyere and foccacia croutons.


ITALIAN ZUCCHINI with basil and mint leaves, aged grana padano & pumpkin seeds.

WOOD FIRED BEETS, goat cheese, garlic chips & balsamic emulsion.

GRILLED CALAMARI with avocado, cherry tomatoes, red onion & parsley leaves.

ARUGULA with aged grana padano slices & citrus vinaigrette.

WOOD FIRED OCTOPUS, asparagus & baby potatoes with a chili-honey dressing.

ROASTED PEAR, gorgonzola, caramelized pecans & mixed greens.


VEGAN LASAGNA with wood fired vegetables & potato cheese gratin.

CANNELLONI with spinach, sweet corn, carrot, vegan bechamel & chia seeds.

Spinach GNOCCHI SOUFFLÉ gratin with bechamel & parmigiano reggiano.

WILD MUSHROOMS RISOTTO, asparagus, zucchini & spinach.


Wood fired 18 oz. RIBEYE.

Wood fired Argentinian 16 oz. SKIRT STEAK.

FILET MIGNON in wood fire oven with wild mushrooms & Malbec sauce.

Wood fired 16 oz. ARGENTINIAN VACÍO.



Six-hours ROASTED SHORT RIBS with black pepper sauce & dominó potatoes.

WHOLE FISH IN WOOD FIRE OVEN with parsley, lemon, ginger & roasted vegetables.

Slow cooked LAMB RAVIOLI with porcini mushroom sauce & parmigiano-reggiano.

SEA BASS FILLET with bagna cauda, roasted leeks, pinions & sweet potato puree.

BRAISED LAMB RISOTTO in Pinot Noir with vegetables & crusted parmesan.

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